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Dunedin Luxury Bed and Breakfast

Elegant, luxury accommodation, complemented by the ultimate in comfort and modern facilities. Located just a few minutes from all that the Dunedin City Centre has to offer.

At Fletcher Lodge, you receive the personal attention accorded a bed and breakfast, while enjoying the amenities found in full service hotels.

Built by Sir James Fletcher in 1924, the house sits in secluded, established gardens. It offers a rare glimpse of Dunedin and New Zealand's heritage. Originally, the dwelling served as Sir James' private residence while overseeing the construction of the New Zealand and South Seas International Exhibition. A world's fair held in Dunedin from 17 November 1925 until 1 May 1926.

Five rooms all rated 5Star

The Lodge complex consists of five rooms, 1 Luxury 3 premium and 1 standard room all ensuite and with their own air conditioning units. Read more...

Fletcher Lodge location

Situated close to the heart of Dunedin, It’s a 12-minute walk to the Octagon (Town Center), the Art Gallery, cinemas, restaurants and cafés. Fletcher Lodge is roughly twenty-five minutes driving time from Dunedin Airport, (forty-seven minutes by bus or shuttle). Read more...

Your Fletcher Lodge Hosts

After a successful career in Europe, computerising large companies in the UK, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary, Ewa and Keith, cried 'enough'. Enough of flying here, there and everywhere, Too many hotels, late meals and printers that wouldn't. “Let's emmigrate to New Zealand,” they said.

So here they are, Hosts Ewa Rozecka-Pollard, (Polish born, with an Honour's Degree in Law) and Keith Rozecki-Pollard, (London born a Quantity Surveyor, Plastics Technologist and ex IT,). Now your Hosts and Mistress and Master of one of Dunedin's architectural gems, Fletcher Lodge. They invite you to come and see them soon and, over a glass or two of superb New Zealand wine, to compare the twists and turns of your life with theirs.

Contact Details

Your hosts Ewa & Keith

276 High Street, Dunedin, New Zealand

Fax +64 3 474 5551

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