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    Fletcher Lodge Policies
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Less than 48 hours’ notice:
We charge 100% of all of the booking.

Less than 2 weeks’ notice:
We charge 50% of all of the booking.

Check in and Check Out*

Check in 2.30pm. Check out 11.00am. However, we will do our best to assist you if you have needs outside of these hours. By prior arrangement early arrivals will be offered refreshments and have their baggage looked after. As soon as your room becomes free, it will be given priority cleaning. By prior arrangement we will wait for late arrivals and meet them with refreshments.


Children 12 years and over are welcome. We'll do our best to meet individual requests outside of this boundary. However, we do reserve the right to decline.

No Smoking

Fletcher Lodge is entirely smoke free. Smoking is not permitted in any of the rooms. For the benefit of all guests, this rule is never relaxed.

Environmental Policy

Everyone at Fletcher Lodge recognises the significant impact the Lodge can have on the environment. Spurred on by the Qualmark initiative we have determined to make significant improvements in many areas. Collectively known as our Carbon Footprint, these areas include recycling, wastage, resource consumption and our environmental impact, both direct and indirect.

  • Recycling - To make recycling a standard part of the Lodge's everyday living and not an afterthought.
  • Wastage - Over time, to reduce the Lodge's direct waste by 50%.
  • Resource Consumption - To reduce the Lodge's overall consumption of resources by at least 25%.
  • Environmental Impact - Determine to follow best practice methodology. Seek to reduce our Carbon Footprint wherever possible.

The Lodge has prepared a detailed outline manual as a practical application of this mission statement. It has kept as many written records as is practical.

Refund Policy

In keeping with credit card rules we can only refund monies to the original card from which the monies were withdrawn.

Contact Details

Your hosts Ewa & Keith

276 High Street, Dunedin, New Zealand

Fax +64 3 474 5551

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